Research & Development
Research & Development
InfanDx is currently optimizing its proprietary technology combining liquid biopsy technology with 3rd generation sequencing technology and sophisticated bioinformatics and proprietary reference data bases to
1. assign circulating cell-free DNA in maternal blood to the fetus, and
2. determine the presence or absence of disease-associated mutations in such fetal DNA.
Such platform technology will initially extend the NIPT offering to include mutations associated with diseases that as of today are screened for only at birth.
Product Pipeline
The newNIPS panel for metabolic disorders currently screened for at birth will initially be launched as a diagnostic testing service out of InfanDx's own as well as partner laboratories in Europe and the US.  The panel is expected to be expanded into relevant further diseases indicated as eligible for early genetic testing by clinical genetics guidelines. InfanDx expects to then launch IVD products enabling  any laboratory with sequencing capability to perform the test. Further InfanDx will offer data interpretation and reporting via its medical-device-grade proprietary cloud-based clinical Decision Support System (cDSS) in a Software-as-a-Service business model.