"Every newborn baby deserves
the best start into the future!"

InfanDx AG aims to contribute to this goal by developing a new generation of diagnostic tests for the care of neonates. Primary focus is the early identification of newborns suffering from critical oxygen supply deficit during birth (Asphyxia), a major cause for brain injury often followed by life long disabilitation. Nowadays, treatment that reduces morbidity is available. Unfortunately, it requires very early application after birth. Currently no test system is available that meets this crucial demand. InfanDx closes this diagnostic gap by carrying such test system through clinical development until it is available for routine use in the hospital.

InfanDx AG exploits a biomarker discovery approach called multilevel multivariate biomarker discovery integrating Genomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics. Following this approach further diagnostic applications for neonatal care are already in an early phase.