Giving children the best possible start in life
InfanDx's mission is to improve clinical decision making in prenatal and neonatal care through non-invasive, early, and accurate prenatal genetic screening

About Us

InfanDx AG is a privately held company focusing on the development and commercialization of novel diagnostic solutions for child health. Lead by a team of seasoned industry experts, InfanDx initially focused on the development of a test for the early detection of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.

The Company shifted focus in 2023 to non-invasive prenatal screening. Based on a proprietary in-licensed technology InfanDx aims to take non-invasive prenatal testing beyond the current scope of chromosome copy number variations (aneupolodies) and large structural variations of DNA to testing of microdeletions and point mutations causative to a large number of genetic diseases. The initial focus of InfanDx's product pipeline lies on taking functional newborn screening for common monogenetic conditions, the current standard-of-care, to an early prenatal stage by non-invasive prenatal genetic screening.

The Company is headquartered in Cologne, Germany, with a branch office in Berlin, Germany, and a wholly owned subsidiary in Boston, MA, USA.

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Corporate Presentation (pdf)
Leadership Management
InfanDx Team combines seasoned diagnostics industry leaders with high-potentials that are talented experts in their respective disciplines.

Dr. Achim Plum

Chief Executive Officer | Managing Director
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Dr. Gunter Weiss

Chief Operating Officer
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Jordan deVos

Vice President, US Operations
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PD Dr. Aisha Munk, MD

Head of Medical Science
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Thomas König

Senior Biostatistician
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Nathaly Schäfer

Corporate Affairs Manager
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Noodle vom Dachsfelsen

Corporate Security Officer
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Supervisory Board

InfanDx Supervisory Board combines life science industry experts with serial entrepreneurs and investment professionals.

Wolfgang Kintzel

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, CEO Cellbox Solutions
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Paul Owsianowski

Active Ownership Capital S.à r.l.
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Dr. Jörg Fregien

Managing Director, Life Science Inkubator GmbH
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Dr. Wolfgang Schwandner

Owner, Arnika Beteiligungen GmbH
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Gerhard Albert

Owner CVG Capital GmbH
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Klaus Albrecht

Head of Family Office, Alluti GmbH
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Scientific Advisory Board

Our distinguished Scientific Advisory Board provides us with access to unparalleled scientific and clinical expertise in neonatal diagnostics, metabolomics, and biostatistics - on a daily basis.
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Scientific Advisory

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