Dr. Gunter Weiss
Chief Operating Officer
Gunter joined InfanDx as COO in mid-2021 from a position as Senior Vice President Product Development at Epigenomics AG (Berlin, Germany), where he headed the development of cancer-related diagnostic IVD products. At Epigenomics, Dr. Weiss was key in turning a research organization into a product development company and managed the projects that led to the world's first CE-marked and FDA-approved liquid biopsy-based IVD products in colorectal cancer screening. Prior to his career in diagnostics, Dr. Weiss’ academic engagement included research positions at the University of Munich, the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, and a professorship for bioinformatics at Düsseldorf University. Dr. Weiss holds a diploma in statistics and a Ph.D. in computational biology from the University of Munich.